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Intervention is sometimes necessary to preserve the longterm health of artworks. Goodman LaFon is equipped to handle minor treatments, major treatments, and everything in between.

Goodman LaFon specializes in tackling complicated inpainting challenges. Inpainting is the process of adding color where no original paint is left. 

Research & Analysis

Discovering more about your artwork can be crucial for informing treatment, scholarship, or even just to satisfy your curiosity. Goodman LaFon can delve deep for new information using a variety of techniques.

Goodman LaFon has the ability to image artworks in normal light, ultraviolet, and infrared, all of which are used to examine more than we can see with the naked eye.

Logistics & Preventive Care

Proper handling and overall care of artworks helps prevent the need for future treatment.

Surveying one artwork or a whole collection can help you keep track of your inventory and determine potential storage or treatment needs. Goodman LaFon can even create detailed schematics  for complicated artworks.

Digital Simulations

Digital simulations help translate scientific and historical data into something more legible. It is important to see them as informed hypotheses—not fact.

Goodman LaFon used information collected by the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC to show drastic compositional changes under the surface of Feast of the Gods by Giovanni Bellini.

Image © National Gallery of Art, all rights reserved

Social Media

Social media helps galleries, museums, and collectors reach a wide audience. Goodman LaFon can supply you with interesting images and concise captions for your platforms.

Goodman LaFon has experience creating and managing entire accounts related to conservation on Instagram and Facebook. Depending on access, we can produce your content or we can simply schedule your posts and interact with your followers on your behalf.


By engaging the community, Goodman LaFon emphasizes the notion that

everyone plays a role in protecting cultural property. 

Goodman LaFon is available for public programming and speaking about conservation on behalf of a client.

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